The Beauty that Surrounds You

    The Beauty that Surrounds You

    Sisterhood rising to the moon and back

    with Chandani and Rebecca

    • February 22, 2021 - February 25, 2021

    An introduction to the spicy and tasty expression of the feminine in all her forms

    Held within this lush forest wonderland, this is an exploration of the essences of the feminine and sisterhood, a journey by the river with the women of PachaMama.

    This work has been dreamed about for so long: to have a platform for the women to gather and have the time to explore important topics, to expand with meditations, music, and plant medicines around a sacred fire under the growing moon. To be introduced to the time honored traditions of the Red Road ways, and to learn sacred songs and why and when they are sung.

    Meet and care for the instruments and sacred things, pray for the earth, embodiment through movement and touching on the 6 pillars on which PachaMama is held. Taking time to integrate and drop into a deeper presence of silence, song, and exploring the use of spoken words to express the sacred.

    Nourished by specially-prepared meals from the PachaMama kitchen, soaked in the light of the sun and the moon, sleeping under the stars (if feeling called), this is a gathering of women to create a festival of the feminine to nourish the body, spark the mind, and expand the heart.

    With up to 10 guest facilitators, the expertise and experience of many will create this special journey.

    • Meals are included – a light breakfast, lunch, and soup dinner.
    • All are welcome to camp at the river each night, to stay within the energy field during the duration of the group.
    • The group finishes midday on the 25th.

    Price: $450

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