The Moon Within

The Moon Within

Womb wisdom, cyclical nature and feminine power

with Sati

  • February 12, 2024 - February 15, 2024

This workshop is an invitation for all women and sisters who seek a deeper connection with their feminine power and want to discover their unique vision and creative expression through embodiment, womb healing, tuning into cyclical nature, and diving into the womb wisdom medicine.

By understanding the natural flow of the menstrual cycle one can unlock the power of the woman’s body and meet their inner guide towards profound self-care, intuition, authentic inner rhythm, confidence, creativity, and trust. The different phases of the cycle influence one ‘s health, emotions, and energy level. Working with each phase uncovers their gifts which support inner growth and healing.

The menstrual cycle awareness vehicle takes the participants also on an explorative journey through past experiences, traumas, confusions, taboos, and identity issues, rising around the age of the first menstruation, the transition time from childhood into womanhood. It opens a space for profound feminine primal therapy. The workshop provides a safe container for emotional womb healing, releasing conditionings and beliefs, understanding and clearing of mental patterns, suppressed emotions, intimacy issues and traumas.

By introducing ourselves to the altar of menstruality one enters a profound healing and initiation into feminine mystery and womanhood. Exploration and acknowledgment of one’s needs, healthy boundaries, and one’s uniqueness, create an opening to acceptance with a deeper sense of belonging while living in the female body.

Dance, embodiment, creativity, inquiry processes, womb meditation, breathwork, nature immersion, Menarche rite of passage ceremony and cacao dreaming time are some of the tools supporting this transformative healing process. Freeing the wild feminine within liberates our innate creative expression flow and reconnects us to the heritage of the female ancestral lineage that one belongs to.

Holding a loving and compassionate intimate relationship with one’s feminine cycle and the womb temple encourages one to simply rest in the natural feminine flow and celebrate the beauty of womanhood and the nourishing weaving of sisterhood.

It is never too early nor too late to connect with the moon temple wisdom.

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