The Mycelium Pathways

    The Mycelium Pathways

    Cultivating Ceremonial Presence

    with Ayama & Yati

    • June 4, 2022 - June 5, 2022

    The Mycelium Pathways have been used for thousands of years for both spiritual and medicinal uses among Indigenous People of America and Europe.

    This ancient medicine tells a long history and is associated with spiritual experiences and self-discovery as a rebirth.

    These little magical beings are an ally in a wonderful exploration. Opening the neural pathways into euphoria, connectedness , and timelessness. They are the focus of a rapidly growing body of scientific and medical research treating addiction, anxiety, alienation, depression, isolation and trauma.

    The Mycelium Path allows one to realize the wonder of life and the interconnectedness and interrelationship of everything.

    Open the neural pathways to creative and new ways of thinking.

    Share a moment of wonder and celebrate the connectedness to nature and the richness of life.  Elevating prayers and purification around the Altar , carried by music and silence.

    The Ceremony  starts at 8pm and finishes at 7am with a light breakfast.

    Space is limited for 40 people.


    Details $US
    Outside Price $140
    Visitor Price $120

    Prices include 13% sales tax

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