Adya’s graceful meditative style draws on a diverse range of influences and forms. She first trained as a teacher in the Vinyasa flow style at the White Lotus Foundation in California in 1999. Here she began a period of seven years of study and training while teaching at various yoga studios in California and Seattle.

While the flowing form of graceful Vinyasa is very present in her style, the soft restorative form of yin yoga brings a meditative aspect with gentle opening and melting into the asana. Here it is about surrender and breath, witnessing presence. While she has also trained extensively in pre-natal yoga, her most formative training took place at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Madras, India where she studied yoga therapy.

Adya holds the intention to create a safe space for people to journey into the temple of the body, revealing a deeper connection to the inner landscape and a more profound sense of love and reverence for the wholeness that we are.

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