Dr. Tim Weeks

Dr. Tim is a 7th generation physician and healer. He has been in full time practice since 2004 as a holistic physician, nutrition expert, and chiropractor.  

For 15 years he has owned and operated Whole Body Health Clinic in Ohio, one of the largest natural health practices in the state. During that time he has personally given over 300,000 treatments and helped many thousands find their way back to Whole Body Health. Some these treatments include spinal manipulation, cranial adjustments, organ manipulation, allergy testing and elimination, nutritional testing, oxygen and breath work, detoxification, and decompression therapy. 

In 2017, he became a published author of the book, “Living Whole Body Health”. Dr. Tim’s philosophy of healing is that the human body is made up of the elements of the earth and who and what we become is a direct result of how we treat those elements. The Whole Body Health Reset increases these elements in the human body and will help anyone looking to improve their wellbeing and gain mastery over their body.

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