Ya’acov Darling Khan

From a young age, Ya’Acov has been drawn to the down-to-earth connection with the spirit world that shamanism invites. He has pursued this yearning throughout his adult life, studying and practicing with many gifted teachers around the world. He has been recognized as a practicing shaman (*) by Elder Shamans from the Sami (European tradition), and Achuar and Sápara peoples of the Amazon. His Movement Medicine workshops are inspiring, empowering, contemporary, and practical, and are attended by people from all walks of life.

Ya’Acov’s creations include the CDs: Movement Medicine CD 1 (with Susannah). You can hear him on the Long Dance CDs 21 Gratitudes and Another 21 Gratitudes. His second book,  Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart – the 21st Century Initiation of an Everyday Shaman, will be published by Hay House in the Spring of 2017.

(*) Ya’Acov writes: ‘Shaman’ means traditional healer. It is a much over-used and maligned word and I use it with caution. It is not something that one can call oneself. It is a vocation and a student is traditionally given this ‘job title’ by their elders and teachers at a certain point in their journey. As with any vocation, one initiation is just the preparation for the next.

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