Tribal Gathering

    Tribal Gathering


    A Meeting between Earth and Sky

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    Bringing together contemporary and indigenous traditions of this land, Tribal Gathering is PachaMama’s annual Red Road celebration. It is an invitation to drink from the fountain of mystical wisdom, connect with the elements and the four directions and unite with a tribe of seekers on the path of beauty.

    Following in the footsteps of the spiritual ancestors of this continent, the PachaMama tribe will share a space of prayer, music, dance and love in honor of Great Spirit and Mother Earth. The Tribal Gathering is an opportunity to send up prayers and renew one’s commitment to live consciously and harmoniously with the Earth.

    This year, each ceremony of the Tribal Gathering will each be led by a woman who has received the tradition from tribal elders.

    tribal gathering rock journey white night tipi ceremony

    The community will come together in three ceremonies over the course of eight days.

    Participation depends on a personal interview prior to the events.


    Details $US
    Tribal Gathering Package - includes three ceremonies and one sweatlodge - Early Bird price until Jul 16 $310
    Tribal Gathering Package - includes three ceremonies and one sweatlodge $340
    Prices are in $US Dollars and include 13% sales tax $

    “From the depths of the Amazon
    to the peaks of the Andes at North American
    indigenous ceremonial sites
    and ancient monasteries in the Himalayas,
    it is said that ours is a special time.
    A time of awakening…”


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