The Moon Within

The Moon Within

Menstrual cycle awareness and feminine power

with Sati

  • March 10, 2021 - March 13, 2021

This workshop is an invitation for all women and sisters to acknowledge the wisdom of feminine cyclical nature, to honor the sacred time of the moon and reconnect with one‘s womb wisdom.

Understanding of the natural flow of the menstrual cycle unlocks the power of the woman’s body and serves as a guide toward profound self-care, empowerment, creativity, purpose, and inner calling. Exploration and release of social and cultural conditioning, myths, and taboos around menstruality and female body can free and awaken feminine authentic nature, and bring healing and deeper intimacy to the womb temple and encourage a healthier lifestyle and relationships.

Tuning with different phases of the cycle uncovers their influence on one‘s health, emotions, and energy level. The workshop will explore how to follow more authentically one‘s inner rhythm and boundaries, and to uncover hidden sources of creativity and intuition.

The journey will be supported with dance, embodiment, sharing, creativity, breathwork, awareness work, and embracing the time of menarche through a ritual and prayer. Holding a loving and compassionate intimate relationship with one’s feminine cycle and its daily experience encourages every woman to simply rest in her natural feminine flow and celebrate the beauty of womanhood.

It is never too early nor too late to connect with the moon temple wisdom.

This workshop takes place over 4 mornings and 1 evening session.

Price: $250

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