Vitality – Longevity Practices for Immunity & Beyond

Vitality – Longevity Practices for Immunity & Beyond

Keys of the Calligraphy Health System

with Velan

  • May 4, 2020 - May 8, 2020

Times of immense environmental, emotional, mental, and physical stress deeply affect the immune system, organs, and experience of life.

This workshop will share the Taoist Calligraphy Health System, offering practical, grounded, and powerful practices to anchor and embody vitality and wakefulness into life.

It will synthesize the depth of this ancient healing technology, and integrate it for the context of a modern lifestyle.


*This course takes place over 5 morning sessions, finishing at lunch time*

This course will cover

– Powerful Qi Gong sequences to address blood circulation, organ vitality, cell health and heightened immunity.
– Deep vibrational healing
– Grounded and simplified approach to addressing illness/disease
– How to access the Dantien and how to move from deep inside the organs
– How to harness the energies of the earth, moon, sun, through ancient techniques
– Addressing blocked energy on all levels
– 4 dimensional movement
– Organ cleansing
– Learning how to transfer, cultivate and project energy
– How to clear and purify layers of the mind that limit vitality

Price: $290

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