Who Is In – Awareness Intensive

Who Is In – Awareness Intensive

Awareness Intensive

with Ramya

  • December 22, 2019 - December 25, 2019
  • April 14, 2020 - April 17, 2020

This awareness intensive based on traditional Zen techniques seeks a direct experience with the truth of one’s being. The repeated use of the Zen koan “Who is in?” acts like an arrow, piercing through the layers of the mind. It exposes identification with the false personality, rigid beliefs and pre-conceived ideas. It sheds old layers and reveals an expanded state of consciousness, eventually re-connecting us to the awareness intensive-who is in-workshop-koan-silent retreat-tyohar-pachamama-costa rica
source. The Who Is In? retreat is not another psychological therapy. In this residential meditation retreat we seek a direct experience of who we truly are and in this adventure we pass through and beyond ideas, ideals, conditionings, problems, games and identities, in one word … mind. We will use the Koan “Who Is In?” as a tool to return to the source inside. The work involves an intense retreat with silence, diet, active and passive meditations and individual Koan talks.

awareness intensive-who is in-workshop-koan-silent retreat-tyohar-pachamama-costa ricaThree days to be totally with yourself, without distractions. A powerful and challenging tool, certain to give a fresh experience of who you really are.

The “Who is In?” is a mandatory requirement for participating in the Silent Retreat.

As part of the structure, all participants sleep in the group room.

(This group is part of the Transformation Cycle in December and April but open for everyone)


Details $US
Who is in? $330
Early Bird "Who is in?" (until a week before "Who is In?" begins) $300
Package price "Who is In?" & Silent Retreat $550
Early Bird "Who is In?" & Silent Retreat (until a week before "Who is In?" begins) $520

“Being sincere and authentic with oneself, this nectar that lies at the center of your being exposes itself. That is the only way that the chains of the mind, of the ego will dissolve. For that to happen, you need to inquire, on and on. Everything has to be inquired within your space. Every stone has to be turned and you look underneath. So much intensity needs to come to that search, nothing can be  spared out of that.

You are inquiring within your inner sky. You are challenging your old knowledge of yourself. If your reality is truth it will survive that challenging, otherwise it will be discovered as an illusion. Waking up from these illusions is bliss.
By realizing that again and again you are coming back into the present moment. “

quoted from Satsang

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