Who is In? – Awareness Intensive

    Who is In? – Awareness Intensive

    Awareness Intensive

    with Ramya

    • December 20, 2023 - December 23, 2023

    Based on traditional Zen techniques, this awareness intensive seeks to nurture a direct experience with the truth of one’s being. The repeated use of the Zen koan “Who is in?” serves as an arrow, piercing through the layers of the mind. It exposes identification with the false personality, rigid beliefs, and preconceived ideas. It sheds old layers and reveals an expanded state of consciousness, eventually inviting a reconnection to the source. Participants seek a direct experience of the truth of their being and in this inquiry, one is able to pass through and beyond ideas, ideals, conditionings, problems, games, and identities. Using the Koan “Who Is In?” as a tool to return to the source inside.

    A powerful and challenging tool encouraging a fresh experience of the essence of one’s being.

    The “Who is In?” is a path of self inquiry that serves to open the space to dive deeply into the Silent Retreat and is highly recommended for Retreat participants, especially first-timers.

    As part of the structure, all participants sleep in the group room.

    (This group is part of the Transformation Cycle in December, and is open to everyone)


    Details $US
    Who is in? $360
    Early Bird "Who is in?" (until a week before "Who is In?" begins) $330
    Package price "Who is In?" & Silent Retreat $625
    Early Bird "Who is In?" & Silent Retreat (until a week before "Who is In?" begins) $595

    Prices include 13% sales tax

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