Wisdom of Breath

Wisdom of Breath

Self Exploration through the Wisdom of Breath

with Amara

  • May 21, 2024 - May 23, 2024

The Wisdom of Breath group is an invitation to reconnect with one’s most precious and prosaic resource – the breath. Using simple breathing techniques, its power is revealed by stirring up and bringing into the light of awareness unconscious emotions and patterns of mind. Memories and past experiences that have been stored in the basement of the soul make room for healing and integration.

This deep journey is facilitated by adopting a meditative approach while accepting and trusting one’s ability to be present in the moment, whatever may arise. Clarity and maturity naturally manifest in this safe container, allowing past wounds to heal and patterns that are no longer of service to be shed.  This results in reemerging anew into deeper acceptance of oneself, one’s history and life itself.

The Workshop weaves together gentle, deep breathing sessions, active meditations and Native spiritual practices – creating a safe inner space to explore the physical, emotional and mental body. It is an introduction to the magic and mystery of the breath, a simple, ever-present, and sacred tool that can be used to bring balance and harmony to everyday life.


*A minimum of 12 participants are necessary for this group to take place.


“This workshop has been one of the most profound I’ve done so far. The heart space of the facilitators and helpers reflected presence. There was a sensitivity and attention that was exceptional and they created a container where I felt safe and easy to dive into myself.” Terence M., Australia.

“When I came to this workshop I faced my resistance and yet….I was only received with love and open arms. I can’t thank the facilitators enough for their loving support, kind ways and soft approach to helping me see the truth of my experiences and stories. And because of that, my heart could only soften and embrace. I felt so secure and safe, and could breakthrough into meeting deeper layers of myself.” Krystal S., Canada

“The drills and explanations of psychological processes were so important and helped me to form a clear platform and understanding of my patterns. The therapists were present and very insightful giving each participant personal attention. Really powerful work done by really loving people. Thank you.” Brenna W., USA

“I learned so much through this therapeutic process. The facilitators helped me to understand and decode each moment of my process, and how I could move with it. It felt really empowering. The safe space presence of the group was invaluable and inspiring.” Eugene S., Singapore

“What a gift I gave to myself. The space was held so beautifully. I felt safe and open to allow myself to feel and explore deeply. Leaving the space of the workshop grateful and connected within.” Ann M., USA

” I came to this group without expectations and received clear guidance and instructions on how to approach the breath. I always try to control my mind, and through this breathwork process I could gently move into it and be taken by it. And what was revealed brought so much understanding and healing. Insights that I treasure and bring home with me. Thank you! ”
Tine E., Germany

“I am very touched with the care and responsibility the facilitators put in this workshop. I felt in professional hands to work with them and to work on myself.” Rebeca B, Brasil

“This breathwork program was just wonderful for me. At the end of each breath session and meditation I was deeply grateful for all the goodness and hurt in my life. Embracing all with a fresh perspective and understanding. The team that held the workshop went far beyond the call. Thank you PachaMama for all the people who create this space of awareness and healing.” Lloyd D., Canada

“The extra touches really made a difference and created a sweetness in the group space that reflected the care of Amara and Rasana, and to the profound process that they hold. The music, the dancing, the breath -all appropriate and perfectly placed. It was the highlight of my Transformation Cycle. Thank you for creating such a safe space of love and openness.” Ajna S., USA

” A powerful taste of the magic of PachaMama” Jen J., England

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