Workshops in PachaMamaGroups and workshops are an essential part of PachaMama and fill up the event schedule most of the year. The groups aim at cleansing and healing on all levels. There are groups dealing with purification and healing the body as well as groups focusing on emotional clean-up, such as Path of Love. Then there are ‘centering groups’ like the ‘Who Is In?’ and Gurdjieff Sacred Movements, which aim at raising the awareness level. Finally there are the festivals and the creative and expressive groups, like the theater workshop and different music groups. Though the groups are different they point to the same thing: They all facilitate an opportunity to get to know ourselves intimately and experience meditation and the silence within.

    Throughout the years PachaMama has developed her own yearly rhythm of groups and activities. All the groups in the Transformation Cycle occur regularly two times a year but there are other groups in between the cycles.

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    The Vital Body Cleanse workshop is a deep-cleaning and purification of the body to release toxins we have ingested through unhealthy eating habits over the years. It involves colon irrigations, liver flushes and other tools to give the body back its power. To assist the process there are several Yoga workshops during the year and daily yoga classes free of charge. Some yoga workshops are gently restorative while others build strength and challenge the physical limits, but all serve as a bridge towards meditation.


    These groups focus on cleaning leftover and suppressed feelings that have been pushed into the basement of the subconscious. In this safe space we allow emotional wounds to be exposed and healed. Clarity Breathwork, Core Healing and the Path of Love are examples of such work.

    Consistency is the tool to inquire in the awareness intensive group “Who is in?” as well as in the Vipassana group. The mind wants to escape back to its mental habits but consistency helps bring out a second layer to remain present.
    The Silent Retreat provides a restful environment for the deepest inquiry into the truth of one’s being. One is dissolving into the timeless here and now. The Silence is supported by satsang twice daily as well as active and passive meditations throughout the day.
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    Three times a year PachaMama peaks in a festival of togetherness and music. In each season different music groups, art classes and theater workshops make up PachaMama’s creative schedule. These groups are a call to pour our essence into an art form and celebrate our oneness as well as our individual uniqueness.

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