Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat

with Veda Ela

Discover the Silence Within

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Yoga Retreat with ElaEnjoy a week of exploration through Yoga to relax, de-stress, and rejuvenate expanding your mind, body and soul in the pristine forest of Costa Rica. In this group you will practice Hatha Yoga Flow (Yang Yoga), drawing from different styles and Restorative Yoga (Yin) as a meditative practice, balancing the dynamic power of flow, with the softness and stillness of meditation. Each person is encouraged to connect with his or her own body and mind with a strong focus on the breath, guiding into precise body alignment & deep relaxation within.
Yoga Retreat with Ela
These ancient yogic techniques take you on a deep journey into your inner core, gently peeling layers of physical, mental and emotional tension. The exploration through meditation, inquiry and body awareness practice will support you to re-connect with your true self. Through this transformative practice you will discover a place of rest (rejuvenation) and relaxation.

Towards the end of the retreat we will practice in silence for two days (verbal guidance will still be given throughout the period). This is an integral part of the retreat, which all participants are encouraged to engage in fully. Yoga Retreat with Ela

This practice is carefully designed for participants who are unfamiliar with silence techniques. You will be surprised by the ease of the practice and the deep relaxation that it provides.

This retreat is suitable for all levels and backgrounds. Each person receives individual attention, adjustments and encouragement to go beyond any self-imposed limitations.

What To Expect:

  • A quiet week to relax, renew and dive deeper into the inner exploration of during the rainy season in the forest of Costa Rica!
  • Yoga Flow & Meditation practice in the mornings (7 days), Yin /Restorative Yoga in the afternoon (5 days), daily Silent Sitting Meditation with the rest of the PachaMama village and 1 after silence sitting surprise evening.
  • Classes include Pranayama (breathing exercises), Yoga Flow practice, Restorative Yin practice, guided relaxation and Meditation (passive and active techniques). There will be space to explore practical tools that can be applied daily to reduce stress and support a healthy life.
  • The morning classes will be more dynamic and uplifting. The afternoon classes more restorative and meditative.
  • The tranquility of the forest and its vast wild life during the rainy month of
  • Healthy vegetarian, organic meals, fresh drinking water, clean air and rivers.
  • Walks in the pristine forest, to the river and visits to the beach.
  • Massage sessions and other sessions according to availability of the therapists in PachaMama.
  • Different range of accommodation: from simple “casita” to luxurious bungalow.
  • Half of one day is dedicated to a trip to Nosara. There one can visit shops, the local surfers beach, bank, enjoy local food, etc.
  • Learn more about Yoga in PachaMama.

Daily Schedule:

7.30: Light refreshment available: herbal teas and fresh, organic fruits
8.30: Hatha Yoga practice including guided relaxation and meditation practice
12:00: Break
13.00: Organic vegetarian lunch
15.30: Restorative /Yin and Meditation practices
17.30: Dinner
19.00: Silent Sitting (45 minutes)


Details $US
Casita (single) $1,170
Casita (double) $2,250
Cottage (single) $1,350
Cottage (double) $1,350
Price includes 24 meals (lunch and dinner on arrival day, breakfast on departure day and all meals in between) $

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