Yoga Retreat

    Yoga Retreat

    yoga retreatThe yoga retreats in PachaMama are a chance to go deeply into the postures and by doing so a release of built up tensions in the body happens surrounded by a delightful and natural setting. Being dedicated to the yoga practice on a daily basis for the duration of the retreat, really gives the body a chance to stretch and open up places that are usually never noticed.

    When these deep spaces are opened and a new flexibility takes place of the old tensions the whole system feels renewed and refreshed. There is a strength that can arise in place of the old, a great opportunity to spoil oneself to feel light, flexible, and strengthened to face whatever may arise in daily life, surely a great gift to yoga-retreat1give yourself. The yoga practitioners are experienced in guiding you through the postures emphasizing the felt sense that each posture exposes, taking your breath into the stretch, one can really feel the muscles opening in a gentle and expansive way. All of this process takes place surrounded by nature with volumes of fresh air and bird song.

    The retreat also has an emphasis on eating light live foods that are available in the restaurant, assisting the body to further the healing and renewal by gently eliminating the toxic build up that was trapped in the body, and releasing in a wholesome way.

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