200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus

Techniques Training and Practice · 100 hours
· Foundation of Yoga Asana and Pranayama – Seven principals
· Rooting, Grounding, Connection to earth, Standing asana
· Balanced sequencing
· Pelvic work, alignment of pelvis as the foundation
· Forward bending and Twisting
· Connecting to core strength and pranayama techniques connected to
core activation
· Lateral stretching
· Shoulder work, arm strengthening, arm balancing,
rotation of arms shoulders, hand work, neck alignment.
· Back-bending
· Inversions – the art of trust
· Pranayama – going deeper into the essence of breath
· The art of balancing practice – rooting and extension
· Integrating the 3 Bhandas into asana practice
· Integration, resting into the gap
· Silent meditation- observation, expanding the awareness

yoga teacher training velanTeaching Methodology · 25 hours
· Creating a safe and meditative environment for yoga
· Foundation of assisting and correcting with conscious touch
· Exploring clear and precise verbal expression
· Clear understanding of how the practice that is taught arises from within
· Teaching styles and the varieties of approach
· The art of trust and clear intention
· Finding authentic voice and style
· Application of modifications for individual needs
· Business approach

Anatomy and Physiology · 21 hours
· Intro to the energy body and chakra system
· Understanding the physiological process of the Bhandas- working with internal locks
· Physical anatomy- muscles, bones, glandular system
· Restorative practices according to the energy meridians
· 5 Yoga systems

yoga balancing body and mind adyaYoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, Ethics · 30 hours
· Studying the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
· Poetry of Rumi, Lalla, Hafiz
· Ethics of a Yoga teacher/ healing practitioner
· Lifestyle of Health and Balance
· Nutrition and self awareness (walk the talk)
· Influence of nature and meditation on the yoga path
· The healing path of creativity through dance and writing
· Discovering authentic self through all tools

Practicum · 12 hours
· Practicing the basics of assisting and adjusting
· Observing others teaching, receiving/giving feedback
· Creating classes and teaching to the group

yoga transformation cycle nadiExtra · 12 hours
· Yoga to support the female body
· Prenatal yoga
· Dance exploration and primal pulse healing practices
· The art of Tantra
· Nature work- barefoot walking meditation, river baths, fire ceremony, writing
assignments based on the experience of communing with the elements and how
it nourishes the spiritual path
· Earth prayer- sweat lodge
· Chanting, toning, kirtan, voice exploration

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