March 15, 2019

Calligraphy Yoga – Marriage of the Elements

by Pacha Mama

In a time of deep fragmentation, disconnection, and dis-ease there is a misconception and over-complication of how to walk a vital, aware, and embodied way of life. The root of the sickness originates from instability, stagnation, rigidity, toxicity, and disconnection Рstemming from a lack of awareness of and connection with the body systems.

Through the Calligraphy Yoga system there is a reorientation that occurs within the physical and energetic bodies. This system inspires movements that originate from the center, and movements that expand from deep inside the cells. The emergence of vitality occurs in the trainings as people learn to relax (“relax” meaning calm, balanced, strong, centered, alert), sink the weight of the body, and loosen the grip of tension in the belly and the fascia. Over time as we learn to soften, slow down, and silence the mind, we formulate a deep communion and communication with our internal body, cells, organs, and the internal intelligence that breathes us alive. By changing the way we move and bringing emotion into our movement, we align with this innate intelligence.

The Calligraphy health system is an ancient echo of the potential of the human energy system. Developed by Master Zhen Hua Yang, this work is of vital importance for these times. In a time of extreme disconnection, dis-ease, and instability, this system inspires a flowering of the human energy system, revitalises communication with the cells, awakens life energy, and nourishes organ health.

Through this work, I have personally seen miracles of healing through subtle shifts in perception and the relationship to the body. Sciatica transformed in days. Vikings Disease dissolving. Trauma reorganised and severe illness sent into remission.

The simple act of softening the belly has a huge capacity to transform the fear startle response, or trauma responses that all humans on the planet have embedded in the biology of the cells. Change the vibration of the cells – 37 trillion of them – and transform illness by changing your being. Begin to move differently everyday, embodying the water or the wind, and begin a communication with the inside of the body. The momentum of energy that builds within is deeply transformational, shifting the relationship with stress and tension. Change the tension in your body and awaken the vitality that lives inside you.

To re-connect we must break down the most simplistic elements of life: earth, water, air, fire, ether. Inside the marriage of these elements lies the secrets of life, the harmony of nature, stability, flow, adaptability, purification, and connection… A reorganisation, back to a natural way of being.