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A day in the life at PachaMama Eco Village is a tapestry of purposeful living, environmental mindfulness, and harmonious community interactions. It is a place where individuals come to learn, grow, and embrace a sustainable way of life.

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A day in the life of a visitor

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At PachaMama, a new day begins with purposeful activities and connections to nature and community. During the morning, you can participate in various workshops such as “Freedom From The Past” or “Silence – Music – Prayer,” and find out more about our upcoming retreats.

Don’t forget to swing by Wild Treats for a freshly prepared smoothie bowl with local ingredients, or the Verde Restaurant to have breakfast with new friends who quickly become family.

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Take a midday break and join the community at Verde Restaurant for a buffet-style lunch. Enjoy not only nourishment but also connection and conversations with PachaMama’s diverse community.

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As the day winds down, the village often hosts community gatherings and events, such as singing circles, open mic nights, ecstatic dance, and yoga nidra.

Nightfall unveils a star-studded sky, casting a gentle glow over the eco-village. Guests retreat to their cozy accommodations, seamlessly integrated into the natural environment.

Important Notes

Costa Rica nature wildlife community forest jungle Pachamama Costa Rica spiritual eco village

To come as a visitor we ask for a minimum stay of 10 days so that a true taste of PachaMama can be experienced. Alternatively, a shorter stay of minimum 5 days is possible if you join a Workshop or Retreat. In order to make a visit as smooth as possible, PachaMama highly encourages all guests to arrange arrival at least one day prior to a workshop starting and to allow at least one day after the group ends before checking out.

No visiting pets are allowed due to safety concerns. We have wild animals, including snakes, raccoons, and large cats. Your pet’s safety is our priority. Thank you for understanding.

It is important to know that PachaMama is not considered to be an accessibility friendly site. The terrain is rugged with uneven trails that may have loose dirt, rocks, tree roots, and can be slippery when wet. If you anticipate difficulty navigating our property, kindly contact us with your concerns.

No Waste Policy. Please refrain from bringing tetra packs, plastic bags, straws, water bottles, wraps, foil, cans, and non-biodegradable hygiene products. The Jungle Shop provides eco-friendly alternatives for your food and hygiene needs.

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