Jungle Shop

Jungle Shop

PachaMama’s Jungle Shop is an eco-friendly store providing the Village with a variety of high-quality, organic health foods and dry goods.  All food in the Jungle Shop is free of refined sugar, wheat and yeast (bread). No processed or canned ingredients are used in the preparation of any foods or beverages.  100% organic fruits and vegetable grown and harvested by the PachaMama ECO team are availble in the Jungle Shop along with other organic produce grown by local farmers.  Only natural beauty products and biodegradable soaps and cleaning agents are sold and used in the community, in order to protect the water and wildlife.

Eco-friendly Store items:

  • eco-friendly store-jungle-shop-pachamama-costa-rica-health-food-organicFruits and veggies
  • Dry goods
  • Treats and snacks
  • Goats’ milk products
  • Homemade personal care, beauty and hygiene products
  • Homemade salves and remedies
  • Handmade beadwork and jewelry
  • Essential oils
  • eco-friendly store-jungle-shop-pachamama-costa-rica-health-food-organicBiodegradable cleaning supplies


The Jungle Shop has minimized the use of plastic by providing refillable glass containers and paper bags.  Only rechargeable batteries are sold in the Jungle Shop.



eco-friendly store-jungle-shop-pachamama-costa-rica-health-food-organic

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Made with LOVE in PachaMama

Many of the products lining the shelves of the Jungle Shop are grown, made, or produced in the Village, naturally and sustainably.
The Eco Department grows a variety of organic greens, superfoods, and fruits, and makes herbal tea infusions and condiments.
All natural personal hygiene and beauty products are made locally by residents, as well as natural remedies, balms, and salves.

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