Yoga  in PachaMama is an essential part of village life. The oxygen rich forest environment along with high-vibe, organic, vegetarian nutrition support the physical aspect of the yoga journey, while the meditative atmosphere, which is the foundation of this community, allows to deeply explore yoga’s spiritual facets.

With the support of ceremony, emotional awareness workshops, daily silent sitting and other healing processes, a complete and unique experience of yoga is created, tapping into its transformative potential. Whether participating in a specific yoga retreat or attending the daily classes, the presence of silence and transformation lies in the foundation of every practice.

A unique, non-dogmatic approach to yoga has developed in PachaMama, inspired by the new generation of Western teachers currently leading the evolution of this ancient science. Some of the paths and traditions explored in PachaMama include Hatha, Restorative, Vinyasa, Iyengar, and Calligraphy Yoga.

Free yoga classes are offered daily, and various yoga groups are scheduled around the year, including Dance & Yoga, Yoga Intensives, and Restorative workshops.

Yoga Teacher Training takes place annually, taking participants on a deep transformational journey into the heart of yoga and beyond.

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