February 2, 2018

The Mystery of the Missing Sign

by Pacha Mama

There is an important key to understanding astrology and each astrological sign, based on what is unconscious, or hidden, within it. I first came across this baffling revelation some 30 years ago and it blew me away.

Imagine the zodiac with its 12 signs. A perfectly balanced circle, equally populated with fire, air, earth and water signs, interacting with each other in grand cosmic harmony. The zodiac is a poetic masterpiece of utter perfection and the more one studies it the more secrets it reveals and the more fascinating it becomes.

Each of the 12 signs contains all the other 11 signs within it. No sign can be understood separately. Just take the signs that are opposite each other as an example. What is the orderliness of Virgo without the chaos of Pisces? How can Libra create peace if Aries didn’t start a war? Each sign must be understood in its relation to the other signs.

But one particular sign is missing, or hidden in the unconscious of each sign. It’s like the weak point or the handicap of each sign. To find out what is this missing part in each sign, we simply count 8 signs ahead in the zodiacal wheel. 8 signs from Leo is Pisces, so it means that Pisces is the unconscious aspect of Leo. 8 signs after Pisces we find Libra, which means that Libra is the unconscious of Pisces and so on. Why 8? Because the 8th house is the house of the unconscious, the house ruled by Scorpio. The 8th house is our master key in this exercise.

What happens when we remove this one sign from the wholeness of each sign? Then we get character, individuality, uniqueness and the actual meanings of the 12 astrology signs that we know. We discover that each sign can be understood through the very sign it lacks from its conscious psyche.
astrology wheel
So what does all this nonsense mean? Let’s go through the zodiac and you’ll see. This is a very simplified version of the principle, but if you get the general idea you can study it further yourself.

Let’s begin with Aries. Why is Aries so straightforward, outgoing and blunt? Aries lacks Scorpio. The sign that is about depth of emotion and introverted brooding. What about Scorpio then? Why is that sign so deep and intense and often struggling with serious emotions? Scorpio lacks Gemini, the happy-go-lucky joker in the zodiac, forever young and playful. Imagine you don’t have an ounce of Gemini inside of you, then you’d be like Scorpio. What about Gemini then, what does this sign lack? Why is Gemini known to be flaky and indecisive? Gemini lacks Capricorn, the serious, responsible workaholic, the spine of our society. Take a look at a Gemini and you can literally see that they are the way they are because they don’t have Capricorn. What about Capricorn then, why is Capricorn so serious and preoccupied with work and status? What could Capricorn be lacking? Capricorn lacks Leo. Sunny, charming Leo, with its natural self-love. If one doesn’t love oneself, one can at least earn the respect of oneself and society through work. That’s the Capricorn way. What about Leo then? Why is Leo considered the most ego-driven sign? It’s all about me and my need to express myself. What could Leo possibly lack to make it that way? Leo lacks Pisces, the sign of compassion and lack of boundaries. If I don’t feel the oneness with others it must mean I stand out, I’m special, and that is the key to understanding Leo. What about Pisces? Why is Pisces often so chaotic and confused? What do they miss? They lack Libra, the sign of balance and harmony. Obvious when you think about it, right?

What about Libra? Why is sweet and love-sick Libra so concerned about being liked by others? What does Libra lack? Libra lacks Taurus, strong, solid and resting within oneself. No one can push a Taurus around. So if you don’t have Taurus within you, you’ll have a hard time saying no to people, just like Libra has. What about earth-bound Taurus? Why is Taurus so grounded? It’s the sign of enjoying the physical senses, food and money. What could Taurus miss that made it so rooted? Taurus lacks Sagittarius, the sign of the spiritual quest. The sign of traveling the world and the expansion of the mind. Certainly when you lack that sign you’ll be more concerned with what’s for lunch than anything else.

And Sagittarius, why are they always so restless and on the run? Always busy with a new spiritual understanding. What are they looking for? Sagittarius lacks Cancer, the sign that represents home, family and traditional values. Surely if one doesn’t have roots one becomes a restless soul on a quest. What does Cancer lack then? Why is Cancer famous for living in the past and honoring family and old traditions? Cancer lacks Aquarius, the sign of innovation, revolution and experimentation. And what does Aquarius lack? Why are they so rebellious and alternative? What makes them break convention? They lack Virgo, which represents the daily grind. Virgo is the Wikipedia of the zodiac, traditional, earthbound and analytical. Without the restrictions of convention, the mind can fly high and wild. And what about Virgo then? Why are they often so petty, critical and eager to drown themselves in work? What do they lack? They miss the fierceness, fun and power of personality represented by Aries.

And with that we come full circle.

Of course it gets much more complex when studying the individual birth chart where the Ascendant or the Moon can be in the very sign that the sun sign is lacking.

But that’s a different topic, for another time…