July 5, 2017

The Pliable Mind: Healing, Resourcing and Retraining the Brain

by Pacha Mama







When my partner Karam and I hold workshops, we always introduce the  powerful tool “felt sense“ on the first day since. By bringing awareness inside the body, we become aware of the felt sense. It is the embodiment of one’s ever-changing sensory/energetic/emotional landscape. It moves our focus from actions and things happening outside of us in the world to qualities of our present, internal experience (e.g. textures, colors, sensations). While experiencing, tracking and describing the felt sense with precise adjectives it actually deepens our internal experience of that present moment. This is very valuable in resource-oriented healing work.

A resource is a pleasant memory, a hobby, person/s, animals, nature or skills that strengthen us in times of difficulty. It can also just be the quality of the present moment when we rest in it without wanting to change anything. The more resourced and rested in ourselves we are, the easier it is to deal with and contain our issues and problems in life.


Traumas and wounds of the past have shaped our brain by creating neural pathways (nerve cell connections) in the brain that can stay active throughout our life and constantly recreate the same experience on a physical, energetic, emotional and mental level. In order to allow for deep healing,  it appears essential to create new neural pathways, healthy, content, relaxed, strong ones. And this happens by regularly and over a longer period of time resourcing ourselves and connecting on a sensory level to the felt sense.


This gives us the chance to ground the healthy, good and whatever positive experience you might experience in your body and create new neural pathways. Every time we create a new “healthy“ pathway the old ones become weaker. If we are alert, engaged and motivated in our resourcing the brain releases neurochemicals that enable brain change.


Many mysterious illnesses like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, allergies as well as anxiety and depression are rooted in an impairment of the brain and today we have possibilities of healing this. We have hundreds of trillions of connections in our brain, that’s more neuro-connections in our brain than stars in the Milky Way galaxy. We all have a galaxy in our head and it can be accessed, healed and rewired in a simple way by orienting towards health and goodness in our life, by resourcing and creating new pathways through daily exercises.