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Tyohar started his adventure when he traveled to Asia at the age of 21. He got fascinated by the underground gypsy lifestyle and has remained a traveler at heart ever since. Traveling and living mostly in India, Thailand and Japan he experienced many different cultures and the wild psychedelic underground movement which had a strong impact on him. This would eventually lead to a life-long love affair with spirituality and meditation.

In 1993 he met the teachings of the spiritual master Osho in Pune, India. This stirred a deep longing in him for freedom. The spiritual merging with Osho opened the door to meditation, mysticism and expansion of consciousness, that was revealed to him during this times as he traveled to and from Pune, Goa and eventually, the Himalaya mountains of India. There, his awakening blossomed into oneness and a let-go of the illusion of self happened.

After a period of traveling in Europe and North America and digesting the powerful realization of no-self, Tyohar began to share the fire of freedom and the overflowing energy that he had tapped into, in spontaneous meetings in Pune. The meetings attracted a trickle of seekers and curious people from the spiritual path. The number of people grew rapidly and a satsang-movement began to grow around him. This developed into the vision to establish a space where the inner work could take place unhindered by the cares of the world. A place dedicated to meditation, spiritual exploration and the discovery of our Buddha nature.

In the year 2000 the vision turned into PachaMama, a spiritual village in the forest of Costa Rica, which is a cacophony of an alternative lifestyle, seeking and healing fueled by the fire of awakening that Tyohar emanates. Hundreds of seekers, travelers and meditators with an adventurous spirit visit the village every year. The spiritual work in PachaMama is based on physical rejuvenation, intense emotional release and purifying spiritual retreats for the body, mind and soul.

Tyohar is the founder and inspiration for this living social experiment along with the PachaMama family - the dozens of people that have settled there permanently. PachaMama is a non-profit organization. All the work that Tyohar does in the village is done voluntarily. The income from the work goes to maintain and develop the village. Tyohar says that a spiritual master is not a prestigious social status but a mirror that reflects our true nature, that which is beyond the personality. By living in a 'Buddha field', the community reflects the intention of living a life with high awareness.

Graceful Surrender
into the Moment

done by
September 2009

Part one
Part two

quote The very soul of Pachamama is a movement to the unknown.
It is a continuous movement out of our old skin to freshness.

We need to keep this energy field safe and protected, so those who come here will feel invited and be inspired to let go of the known skin of the personality and dive into the mystery of the moment, into the vastness of a silent being.

By keeping it safe and protected I mean that we need to make sure that the meditative space of PachaMama is held with grace and consistency.
This meditative space is our inner shower. quote

Excerpt from Satsang with Tyohar

Pacha Mama is a manifestation of Tyohar's vision

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