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    The Sanskrit word ‘Satsang’ means “Meeting with Truth”. This is the heart of Tyohar’s work and the essence of the journey in Pacha Mama. Living closely and sitting silently in the presence of a living Master can nourish the deepest satsang tyohr pachamamalonging of the soul. In Satsang, Tyohar exposes the workings of the mind while pointing to that which is beyond the mind. He responds to questions and guides the gathering to a silent space within. The Satsang always starts with the ‘Namaste greeting’, which means: “The Buddha in me recognizes and bows down to the Buddha in you”. Satsangs happen in Pacha Mama spontaneously throughout the year, and are an integral part of the Silent Retreats.

    Excerpt from a Satsang with Tyohar from the Silent Retreat December 2011:

    “To accept yourself as you are now,
    with your imperfections, is the end of postponing
    that one day when you will be improved,
    that one day when this will be right and correct,
    then you will relax into yourself.
    This is a trick of postponing.
    When this true and profound acceptance is happening
    instantly and right away you are present in the moment
    and will go through expansion.
    If you look at others who are looking at others,
    who are looking at others, you are trapping yourself
    in an infinite loop of how to become, what to reach,
    and you are climbing a mountain that has no peak.
    You can keep climbing for the rest of your life.
    Freedom is instant, immediate,
    it is in spite of us being imperfect,
    not a result of our perfection. It is an immediate moment
    of letting go of trying to be someone that you are not.
    Also letting go of the suit that we are wearing, the personality, the body. Our waiting for the perfect situation
    of life circumstances around us for us to become somebody
    that we’ve always wanted to become
    so we can relax into it, is simply postponing the realization
    that right now, right here, you are free. “
    Excerpt from Satsang with Tyohar



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