Red Road

    “The Red Road came here and we started to learn new tools of setting our intention. We’ve learned how to enter the sweat lodge and pray, to enter the ceremony, to respect the elements and the directions, to be in tune with nature and not take it for granted. How to allow the feminine force to come out and protect the astral body of PachaMama by dancing to the moon, by adopting these traditions.”

    “It is a prayer of intention that we set in tune with nature, burning what we need to burn within ourselves, it has the same value and is the second leg of the silence retreat this red road path

    – Tyohar


    The Red Road way of life is based on the elements of nature and humanity’s search for connection with it. It is a way to be inspired and embrace the traditions of the ancestors of this continent in ceremony and prayer -honoring the elements, celebrating creation, and welcoming all colors of humanity in music and dance.  PachaMama has received these ways as they were passed down by its Central and South American Elders who visit every year to share their wisdom and guidance.



    The sacred native ceremony known as Sweat Lodge or “Temazcal” was developed as a ceremonial way to pray, connect with higher frequencies, purify the body and mind and uplift the spirit. It is an ancient and pure medicine, a temple to honor the elements of life – earth, fire, water and air.  

    Medicinal Ceremonies

    Medicinal Ceremonies

    An integral part of the Red Road pillar in PachaMama are medicinal ceremonies. Each year, elders referred to as Medicine men and women visit PachaMama from Mexico and South America to gather the family around the fire and altars to honor the sacred plant medicines. This is an opportunity to re-establish relations as a community in a common prayer of healing and gratitude through song and celebration.


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