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A day in the life at PachaMama Eco Village is a tapestry of purposeful living, environmental mindfulness, and harmonious community interactions. It is a place where individuals come to learn, grow, and embrace a sustainable way of life.

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The Work Exchange Program is an opportunity to experience PachaMama Eco Village and become an integral part of the community through service. It helps cover expenses through work while still keeping transformation as their main focus.

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PachaMama Village extends a warm welcome to families and children of all ages. Children play a central role in the community, immersing themselves in nature’s magic and forging lasting friendships. Here, families bond, and everyone finds a deep connection with the forest and its mystical rhythm.

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No visiting pets allowed due to safety concerns. We have wild animals, including snakes, raccoons, and large cats. Your pet’s safety is our priority. Thank you for understanding.

PachaMama is not considered to be an accessibility friendly site. The terrain is rugged with uneven trails that may have loose dirt, rocks, tree roots, and can be slippery when wet. If you anticipate difficulty navigating our property, kindly contact us with your concerns.

No Waste Policy. Refrain from bringing tetra packs, plastic bags, straws, water bottles, wraps, foil, cans, and non-biodegradable hygiene products. The Jungle Shop provides eco-friendly alternatives for your food and hygiene.

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Application Forms are typically handled within 48 hours.

Reservations must be made 72 hours prior to the arrival date.

For more information visit our FAQ page.

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