Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance Certified

with Adya and Velan


  • May 25, 2017 - June 20, 2017
  • November 24, 2017 - December 20, 2017
  • January 9, 2018 - January 15, 2018


The 200hr PachaMama Yoga Teacher Training bridges Hatha yoga with Shaolin energetic arts, creating a foundation for a holistic approach to the path of healing and empowerment. Breaking the boundaries of traditional Hatha yoga, this training combines the wisdom of the yoga lineage with contemporary understanding of the body, emotional system, and spiritual practices. This training serves as a platform for self-inquiry, deepened body perception, and ignites a process of genuine transformation.

The union of contemporary healing modalities woven within these ancient forms, deepens the experience of what yoga truly is – an art of living, with the clear intention to know oneself and align with truth.


In addition to techniques and training of asana, pranayama, anatomy / physiology, teaching methodology, and yoga philosophy other aspects of the training will include:

  1. Chakras – blueprint for evolution
  2. Synergy – range of motion, functional strength, spinal mobilityytt1
  3. Cultivating Energy – opening the gateways
  4. Circulation – unifying the systems
  5. Sacred Activism – anchoring your sacred action
  6. Anchoring daily practise– inspiration, enchantment, discipline
  7. Self Inquiry – raw and vigilant
  8. Bridging postures – transferring energy
  9. Stillness – reclaiming the fragmented self
  10. Integration – allowing the practice to leap into life
  11. Relaxation – releasing stagnation and tension
  12. Body temple – cultivating compassion and self love


Various forms of healing practices are used in this training to awaken authentic expression and connection to the inner landscape. This exploratory work includes:

  1. The art of mindful touch and holding space
  2. Tantra
  3. Earth prayer/ sweat lodges
  4. Conscious communication
  5. Various forms of meditation
  6. Ayurvedic assessment
  7. Breathwork
  8. Healing sounds, toning and chanting



The deeper aspects of this training initiates a personal movement exploration that reveals the body’s mysteries. These profound tools activate a deeper understanding of the body’s innate wisdom, allowing one to become more embodied within the yoga practice.

yoga teacher training velan

This in-depth training is much more than a yoga experience. It is the path of yoga weaved within deep transformational healing work, earth rituals, community, movement culture and the garden of silence.

It supports the shift towards embracing life with awareness, acceptance of oneself, the recognition of oneness and reverence for the earth.

One exclusive aspect of this training is that it is held in PachaMama. This 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified residential training will be supported by the unique expression of village life and the inspiration of a vibrant spiritual community where people meet life in an authentic and sacred way.

In January 2018 we will offer a 50hr Yoga Teacher training. More information about the content and prices are coming soon.


Download the complete program of the training here: Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus


Details $US
Casita - Early Bird - Nov/Dec Training $2800
AC Cottage - Early Bird - Nov/Dec Training $3470
Casita - Early Bird - for students under 24 years old (no EarlyBird available) - Nov/Dec Training $2700
prices for the 50hr training in January will be updated soon $

The Early Bird Prices are available until October 23rd. After this date the prices are plus $200.

Packages include 26 nights of accommodation, arriving Nov 24 and leaving Dec 20.

Our Restaurant serves delicious organic meals for additional $7 – 9.
Reserve your place in the training with a deposit of $200 (non-refundable).
Prices include the 13% sales tax on accommodation.


With unspeakable beauty and humility, Adya and Velan open the mysteries and teachings of the many facets of yoga in a magical weave that brings deep transformation, rich understandings,  and palpable evolutionary waves.

– Shakti (California, USA)

To describe this teacher training is beyond words. I could never have prepared for the transformation I experienced. I will never forget it!

– Brigette (Las Vegas, USA)

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