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The Work-Exchange program

The Work Exchange Program (WE) is an opportunity to experience PachaMama and become an integral part of the community through service.
It allows the participants of the program to cover a substantial part of the costs through working.

The Work Exchange has been successfully active for 4 years, continually evolving, allowing people to melt into the ways of PachaMama and become a part of the tribe.

The contribution of each person who is welcomed into the program is honored. Equally, joining the work exchange program is a commitment to the community.

PachaMama has the intention to hold the balance between work, meditation and personal growth.

work in the garden

Aside from the practical duties, there are opportunities to go deeper into learning hands on skills within the various branches of work, to enjoy the social intimacy of the work exchange circle, and be part of Pachamama through workshops, events and the gatherings.

Work will be designated according to each ones interest, skills and community needs.

festival preparations

Through the work-exchange program participants can integrate their own growth in connection with assisting and supporting life in the village.

• Minimum work commitment of one month not including festival days and/or group participation, meaning a minimum stay of 5-6 weeks
• 25 working hours a week
• 4 hours per week of community meditation (daily Silent Sittings)
• Participation in at least one group / workshop
• Health insurance during your stay in PachaMama is required.

For all programs:

• Free camping spot in the work exchange camping area
• Free daily classes and activities (meditations, yoga, dance, etc.)
• 20% discount on all meals in the restaurant (on breakfasts - the salty option)
• Communal kitchen

For 1 - 2 months commitment:
• 50% discount on casitas upon availability
• 50% discount on one workshop (except Clarity Breathwork, Yoga Teacher Training, and the Transformation Cycle)
• 15% discount on events and festivals

For 3 - 5 months commitment:
• 75% discount on casitas upon availability
• 50% discount on two workshops (except Clarity Breathwork, Yoga Teacher Training, and the Transformation Cycle)
• 15% discount on events and festivals

For 6 months and more commitment: (Starting Nov 2014)
• Free casita upon availability
• 50% discount on three workshops (except Clarity Breathwork, Yoga Teacher Training, and the Transformation Cycle)
• 25% discount on events and festivals

(available for the 2015 - 2016 season)

Ecology & garden work exchange program
Being part of the gardening, landscaping and ecology team in PachaMama.

Tennis Instructor
Background in sports training, especially tennis. To work with PM's adults and children.



Spanish Teacher
PachaMama school is looking for a Native speaking Spanish teacher with experience working with kids, teaching them Spanish as a second language. Commitment for 10 months is required.

School Class Assistant
PachaMama school is looking for a full time Class Assistant for both the Kindergarten and Elementary School levels. Teaching experience is required and familiarity with Waldorf alternative approach to education is highly valued. Commitment for 10 months.

Kids Facilitator
Facilitator to hold afternoon activities for the kids in the village during the week from 2-4pm. Experience with holding classes/ summer camps or other fun kids activities is needed.

PachaMama school is looking for certified and experienced elementary and kindergarten teachers for the year of 2017. English or Spanish as a first language is required.

For school positions, please send your CV to

Apart from these specific positions PachaMama continuously needs workers in the kitchen, the garden, maintenance and other areas that don't require certified skills.

Priority will allways be given for long time participants in the work exchange program.

kitchen work
Write your application to

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