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Red Road, Self-inquiry

A Different Life

May 1, 2017 - no responses.

by Shahaf Peled

  In the summer of 2012, film producer Saskia Vischer accompanied me to a Silent Retreat led by Tyohar in Umbria, Italy. There, between the ancient olive trees and the resort swimming pool, a seed was sown that would in time blossom into a documentary feature film touching the spirit of PachaMama village. Emerging from […]

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Yoga Teacher

Nourishing Peace

April 6, 2017 - no responses.

by Adya

Recently, the reflection of life that continues to weave through my days is the guidance to anchor MORE, to root, to ground the attention and to truly experience the sense of drawing the light down into the body, into this Earth walk. Slowing down and embracing the mundane, receiving the teachings of life and somehow […]

Red Road

Moon Dance: A Mystical and Ancient Gathering

March 9, 2017 - no responses.

by Chandani

The moon has been calling me all my life… I was longing for a deeper understanding of the feminine, turned off by the maleness of the feminist movement, by the many new age works and countless other women sharing circles and ways to “unleash” or “discover the goddess within”. I am fortunate to be surrounded […]

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Unlearning, Unwinding and being Here

February 16, 2017 - no responses.

by Ramya

Spring 1997. I’m a Marketing manager, recycled engineer, looking at the different options for my one week vacation. Staring at the pamphlets I collected randomly. Beaches of Cuba? Pool side in Florida? Hiking in Vermont? Satori? This last one grabs my attention. What is this? A different vacation, one week in the beautiful countryside of […]

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Natural life, healthy life

February 2, 2017 - no responses.

by Amari

It seems like being “healthy” in this day and age is a complicated task. The majority of the population is taking some kind of pharmaceutical drug to deal with different symptoms while others are finding alternative ways to take care of their health issues. We are constantly preoccupied with our health, often spending lots of […]

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