Clarity Breathwork Training

Clarity Breathwork Training

with Ashanna and Dana

  • June 28, 2024 - July 7, 2024
  • July 9, 2024 - July 18, 2024

The first step toward certification in Clarity Breathwork™(formerly Rebirthing) is an opportunity for accelerated personal transformation.

Participants learn to support themselves and others with daily Clarity Breathwork™ sessions on land and in water, sacred live music, and meditation, inquiry processes, movement, time in nature while immersing themselves in a healing community.

The Clarity Breathwork™ process helps to activate the subconscious mind and bring awareness and insights not easily accessed through traditional therapy. Breath opens the energy channels in the body while allowing past experiences to surface and be released. These may include suppressed emotions, physical blocks in the body, limiting beliefs and conditioning, escape patterns, and addictions.

Clarity Breathwork™ combines counseling and insight as well as a somatic experiential process through which participants gain a deep level of insight, release emotional baggage and allow patterns to shift and transform.

Clarity Breathwork™ emerged out of the consciousness era of the ’60s to support people in addressing core issues held in the subconscious while also expanding consciousness in order to contact one’s Essence—healing a false sense of separation. It allows people to release stress and tension, heal and resolve trauma, gain deeper insights into current issues, and access their internal healing energy, creativity, and greater knowledge.

Four levels of the Clarity Breathwork™ Training Program:


Level 1 introduces students to the Clarity Breathwork Process.

Most people do not breathe fully. They hold their breath in and some may have been holding it forever- since the umbilical cord was cut prematurely and they were swung upside down and spanked.

Many have thoughts such as It’s not safe to be here, I’m not supported, Life is a struggle, People hurt me, I’m all alone, and I can’t make it. These may be birth thoughts profoundly affecting one’s present life experience and may have been further imprinted by traumatic experiences in childhood and adulthood.

Level 1 explores pre & perinatal psychology and the impact of birth, childhood traumas, and negative core beliefs.


Level 2 invites a deeper exploration of how the mind works; exploring imprints, patterns, and the subconscious mind; a deeper unraveling of conception, womb time, and birth issues, early nurturing, and bonding.

This level addresses the wounds of abandonment/rejection, shock and shame, and how they play out in intimate relationships. Healing sexuality is explored along with creating healthy relationships and communication tools. Healing on a physical level takes place by getting in touch with the belief systems that created it. There are presence practices, both dry and wet sessions to explore the art and science of Breathwork, to cultivate and deepen intuition.

Practitioner’s Intensive – Level 3

Level 3 provides the tools needed to support others in Breathwork sessions by exploring the many issues that may arise.

This level also gives students ample experience through session trading and learning how to support each other on deeper levels. Both psychological and spiritual processes are explored, drawing from the teachings of Osho, Adyashanti, Byron Katie, Gangaji, Eckhart Tolle, Marshall Rosenberg, Peter Levine, Stan Grof, Krishnanda & Amana Trobe, among others.

Business & Leadership – Level 4

Level 4 prepares the student to create an effective, professional practice.

In this level, participants explore and transform the ways that birth trauma is holding them back from expressing and fully living their true life’s passion and leadership roles. Working with prosperity, consciousness, and manifesting, the way to success is cleared.

The training covers the basics of setting up a Breathwork practice- including marketing oneself and attracting clients. It also addresses ethics, appropriate behavior, and client relationships.

Levels 1 & 2 are combined in a powerful 8-day intensive which must be taken together

(including those who have previously completed Level 1)

Levels 3 & 4 are combined in an 8-day intensive which also must be taken together

Levels of training must be taken in consecutive order. Participants who have previously completed Levels 1 & 2

may come for Levels 3, 4 

For more information visit: www.claritybreathwork.com

Packages include 9 nights of accommodation,
for levels 1&2 arriving June 28th and leaving July 7th.
for levels 3&4 arriving July 9th, and leaving July 18th.
Level 1 – 4 Packages include 20 nights of accommodation, arriving June 28th  and leaving July 18th.
Additional accommodation options are available. The prices listed are for single occupancy. See accommodations.
*Early Bird Prices are available if you complete the full payment one month in advance. A non-refundable deposit of $400 will reserve your place.
Food is not included in any of the package prices.


Details $US
For Levels 1 & 2, or 3 & 4 $ 1450$ (EarlyBird 1350$) per 8-day module without accommodation
Casita $ 1,830 ($1,730 EarlyBird)
Std Bungalow $ 1,970 ($1,870 EarlyBird)
AC Room $ 2,215 ($2,115 EarlyBird)
For Level 1 - 4 $ 2900$ (EarlyBird 2700$) per 2x 8-day module without accommodation
Casita $ 3,660 ($3,460 EarlyBird)
Std Bungalow $ 3,940 ($3,740 EarlyBird)
AC Room $ 4,430 ($4,230 EarlyBird)

“In my 17 years as a healer and a seeker on the path to transformation, there has been no other tool that has catalyzed such an inner shift as the work that I have integrated with Clarity Breathwork. This work has prompted a subtle level reprogramming that has helped me to fully realize my gifts and step into the highest version of myself. Thank you for your unending guidance and wisdom, Dana and Ashanna!”Ashley Ludman
“Miracles are happening. I just finished an amazing session. I have no words to describe it. Transformation in front of my eyes. To see someone crossing the river of self with all its traumas, memories and emotions …to come back into resting, into clarity…
This work is amazing. I am grateful and honored to be part of it. On the personal level I find my self taking my time to breathe and discharge my system. I find this work so nourishing that its just natural for me to experience it when ever I wish. Thank you so much!”
Amara Jivan, Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, Costa Rica & Israel

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