Art Of The Heart

November 19, 24 - November 21, 24
Art Of The Heart

Enter the Spotlight

Through the use of drama therapy techniques, participants will dive into personal development and shed light on one's behavioral patterns. Drama therapy practices leave one with no choice but to drop their personality, the layers of self that have been built for protection. As participants drop this identity, their comfort zones are expanded into a space where personal growth happens.
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Omie is a health coach (Health Coach Institute), a Drama Therapist, and a student of Iridology (Institute of Holistic Nutrition). Bringing a holistic approach to health and wellness, he has… Read more about Omie

Art of the Heart is a stage, a spotlight. It is a safe space for one to step into, fully present while regulating the nervous system.

This three day workshop reflects one’s persona back at them. Over the three days, several different kinds of techniques and exercises will drop participants into a learning process that allows them to dissolve the ego. In learning to take space in the most authentic way, one needs to look at the insecurities and trauma they base their personality on.

The Bouffon technique is the backbone of this workshop. It is the art of mockery. Started in 8th century Rome, it was first discovered as therapeutic in the 16th century in France. In the workshop, it is used as a tool for one to express their triggers and perhaps discover ones they never knew existed. This mockery to parody to the grotesque technique brings upon liberation and allows participants to explore and reveal their shadows in a safe space.

Many other practices rooted in drama therapy will enhance the group dynamic creating a safe space to soften into the moment.

The workshop will also provide a space for storytelling around the fire. This unique experience energetically feeds the creator within as participants have the opportunity to tell their story around a sacred fire.

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