Individual Body Cleanse Program

    Individual Body Cleanse Program

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    with Gaya and Omie

    • December 13, 2021 - December 17, 2021

    Body cleanse program in an individual setting

    The Body Cleanse program as an individual journey is ideal for those who wish to cleanse in a more private setting, and not as part of a  group.

    It is a five-day detox program with an intimate setting and a more open environment. It offers one-on-one dialogue with the therapists, plenty of restful healing time, the option of taking rides to the nearby beach and enjoying PachaMama’s surrounding nature and daily activities.

    The Individual Body Cleanse program includes:

    * Juice-fasting with 100% organic, freshly pressed juices, infused with super-herbs and super-foods to accelerate the detox process while nourishing the body with essential micro-nutrients.
    * Colonic Irrigation– two daily enemas.
    * Individual health-nutrition consultation with the therapists – discussing personal health concerns, symptoms & taking a holistic, in-depth look at each one’s health needs and habits.
    * Two one-hour private sessions, chosen by the participant from the available healing arts sessions offered in PachaMama: detox massage, deep tissue massage, shiatsu, breath sessions, cranio-sacral etc.
    * Daily yoga/movement classes – offered by the PachaMama movement arts.
    * Daily evening silent meditation at the Osho Hall.
    * The-five day program includes a liver / gallbladder flush (see below).


    Liver Flush-Detox-PachaMama-Costa Rica

    Important Notes:

    It is highly recommended to arrive in PachaMama at least two days before the Cleanse program starts to get oriented in the Village, allow the body to get used to a different climate and a new environment, and lighten the diet with the vegetarian food served in the Restaurant.  It is also recommended to stay for at least a couple of days after the program to support the body’s reacclimating with the specific post-cleanse meals served in the Restaurant.

    On the first day, the Individual Cleanse begins at 8am. On the day before the program starts, participants are asked to eat light and skip dinner. The last day is a half-day – ending usually by 1pm, in time for lunch.

    Further detailed instructions on how to prepare for the cleanse will be sent upon registration.

    * It is advisable to bring good probiotic capsules to further support the body’s natural flora and digestion after the Cleanse.

    Learn more about the PachaMama Body Cleanse & Detox retreat programs:


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    Details $US
    Early Bird Price (until 2 weeks before the group starts) $790
    Standard Price $890

    “If you are very sensitive when you are doing this cleanse, with whatever piece of toxin is leaving the body you will be aware that no-mind is happening at that moment, that something that you have been carrying for many years has left you not only physically but also metaphysically.

    Your body is becoming more pure, your blood is getting more pure when the colon is more pure. The more pure your blood is the more the intelligence can be sharpened.”

    Excerpt from Satsang with Tyohar

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