Iyengar Yoga Intensive

    Iyengar Yoga Intensive

    Effortless Effort in Yoga Asana

    with Vaya

    • February 17, 2022 - February 19, 2022

    The Iyengar Yoga Intensive is a workshop that explores the family of asanas as they were taught by renowned teacher B.K.S Iyengar. Iyengar Yoga emphasizes precision in the asana, using props, accurate sequences and timings to cultivate respect for the body and eliminate physical injuries. A new quality of the practice is revealed through this unique lens – the quality of “effortless effort”.

    For many, Iyengar’s language of yoga is a gateway into the ancient art-form. Its creative use of props combined with Vaya’s meditative approach to yoga allows the asana to be embodied fully and deeply, transcending the limitations of physical and mental flexibility.

    Vaya’s vast knowledge and experience, attention to detail and her soft, light-hearted approach to the practice sets the stage for a deep and meaningful meeting with yoga.

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    Details $US
    2 Day event $130
    3 Mornings event $190
    3 Day event $290


    “Iyengar yoga workshop was a great gift for me. From the beginning Vaya created a friendly and competent atmosphere, leading the class with a dedication and grace. In addition to being very structural and helpful Vaya connected me to the main force and source of Iyengar yoga – Iyengar himself! The wisdom of his beliefs and philosophy brought the last piece of a great puzzle together and planted deep trust in this type of yoga. Thank you, Vaya!”


    “Vaya embodies the intensity of knowledge, experience, and aptitude characteristic of Iyengar and his students. This, combined with a deep feminine wisdom, truth, and compassion made my experience in Vaya’s 3 day intensive life changing and deeply supportive towards my own personal growth and evolution of body, mind, heart, and soul. Vaya’s teaching is full of a power that is, in my opinion, reserved for those special teachers who epitomize authenticity and a willingness to share the deepest parts of themselves with their students.”


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