Silent Retreat

Silent Retreat

The Language of the Soul

with Tyohar

  • December 24, 2020 - December 31, 2020

A Silent Retreat is the heartbeat of the sacred journey. It provides a restful environment for the deepest inquiry into the truth of one’s being, where one is dissolving into the timeless here and now. This is where profound leaps are taken in the journey of transformation. A Silent Retreat is a rare and precious opportunity to focus solely on the most earnest questions of the heart and spend some days in silence in a beautiful, natural setting. Its special power lies in the coming together of seekers in support of one another’s awakening.

A retreat is also a spiritual cleanse on a collective level, an inner shower for all of PachaMama. Non-participants help maintain a meditative atmosphere by refraining from speaking in all public areas in order for the entire village to tune into this frequency.

The program includes Satsang with Tyohar twice a day, a daily practice of Yoga as well as various forms of meditation and is concluded with a Sweatlodge down by the river.

Participants are asked for a sincere commitment to the standard of the retreat and will remain in absolute silence until the process is brought to completion in the closing circle.

PachaMama also holds High Vibe Silent Retreats, which offer the opportunity to deepen into meditative inquiry with the support of a delicious light, vegetarian menu consisting of smoothies, juices, raw foods and superfoods.

The Who Is In? is required for those who wish to participate in the silent retreat. Vipassana is an alternative option only for those who have completed Who Is In?
Who Is In? and Vipassana are not a part of the High Vibe Silent Retreats.

Silent Retreats occur several time a year at PachaMama, including December and April, and the High Vibe Silent Retreat is normally in February and August. The April and December Silent Retreat are part of the Transformation Cycle but open for everyone.

“The Silent Retreat will point to that presence of wisdom that is your true nature.
Over and over it will reflect your selflessness the impersonal consciousness that you are.
There is no ‘you’ anymore. Only this wisdom is; only this presence of consciousness.
A state of being which is beyond the self and which rests in untouched silence, in unconditional contentment.
This is the freedom that is shared in satsang.”

Excerpt from Satsang with Tyohar


Details $US
Early Bird price until a week before "Who is In?" or Vipassana group begins, including one of these $520
Silent Retreat including the "Who is In?" or Vipassana group $550

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