Silent Sitting

    Silent Sitting

    Every evening from 6:30 – 7:15 pm, PachaMama holds a space for Silent Sitting in the temple of the Osho Hall. Sitting in Silence and allowing the thoughts of the day to just be, silent sitting meditaion pachamama silencethey gradually melt away as the attention moves inward. Coming together in the space of silence allows the work of meditation to deepen personally and collectively.

    Silent Sitting is an “inner shower”, as the energetic bodies of the individual and the community are cleared and freshened, making it possible to return to the essence within.  It is as essential for individuals as for the whole village to refresh daily through meditation. During this time the entire village is silent and the gate closed to cars. The Silent Sitting in the Osho Hall is the foundation from which all the other events, ceremonies, and workshops are born, and everything in PachaMama begins from and returns to the Silence.

    The heartbeat of PachaMama is the space of Silence, shared through Silent Retreats and Meditation. Meditation is the gateway to finding the silent space within. The community of PachaMama was born from and is moving forward from this space.

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