The Mycelia Pathways Ceremony

The Mycelia Pathways Ceremony

Sacred Night Gathering

with Ayama & Yati

  • May 17, 2024 - May 18, 2024

The Mycelia pathways have been utilized for millennia for spiritual and medicinal purposes by indigenous communities in America and Europe. This ancient medicine holds a rich history, intertwined with spiritual experiences and self-discovery as a rebirth. These magical beings serve as allies in exploration and open neural pathways to euphoria, connectedness, and timelessness.

A rapidly growing body of scientific and medical research is focusing on mushrooms’ potential to treat addiction, anxiety, alienation, depression, isolation, and trauma. They enhance problem-solving, stimulate new ideas, dissolve conceptual or psychological blocks to creativity, and provide insights into the arts and sciences.

Embracing a life filled with gratitude and joy, they awaken one to initiation, reflection, and reconnection with one’s origins and the greater whole. These pathways bring awareness to the wonder of life and its interconnectedness, opening the mind to creative and new ways of thinking about the universal puzzle of beauty in the natural world and one’s place as a piece in that puzzle.

Meeting and inquiring with one’s inner sanctuary is always a gift. Find a moment of silence and inspiration, and reset the natural cycles to alchemize completion and new beginnings. Like the seasons in nature, all are also part of the ecosystem.

Participants will gather around the ceremonial altar, exploring through music and silence, elevating prayers and purification. The night session concludes with a morning picnic.

Note: Spots are limited; registration in advance is necessary. Preparatory advice and a health declaration will be submitted to participants a week before.

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