The Red Temple – Tantra for Women – Level 2

The Red Temple – Tantra for Women – Level 2

Level 2: Women with Wings

with Raaji

  • April 23, 2024 - April 26, 2024

The 2nd level of the Red Temple is primarily for women who participated in the first level and want to go deeper into the exploration of the feminine and the path of love that Tantra offers. It opens the space for further healing, transformation, and empowerment as well as opening up to the gifts and creativity one has to share with the world.

Women have been gathering for ages supporting each other in a safe space of togetherness, a space of simply being, healing, and of wisdom beyond words.

From this space, a respectful exploration of boundaries, conscious touch and healing massage is offered to meet the innermost womanhood, beauty and dignity of the body. In the tantric tradition, each woman is seen as the embodiment of sensuality and Shakti, the life force dwelling within. Women are admired for their power to initiate others while the feminine love organs are honored as a healing place and residence of the goddess.

Part of the feminine principle is the ability to give birth, to create and express that Shakti power. Sexual and erotic energy is the pure creative life force and women’s wombs are like magical doorways to the great mother, the dark void from where everything is born.

Embodying this wisdom the Red Temple is opening a dream time-space, where one is feeling into visions and dreams and weaving them into the tapestry of one’s life. It is an invitation to own one’s desire, and spread one’s wings into the wide sky of possibilities and creativity that wants to manifest through the heart of the feminine.

Sound, movement and ritual, expression, sharing, deep inner journeying and fun are part of this adventure together.

This workshop invites nakedness for certain structures. However, each participant is encouraged to respect her boundaries and choose her level of nudity at any moment.

If you wish to join Red Temple Level 2 and didn’t participate in The Red Temple Level 1 ¬†you will need to join a meeting with Raaji before the workshop to see if this workshop is suitable for you at this moment.


Details $US
Standard Price $ 430
Package Price level 1 & 2 $ 775

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