The Red Temple

    The Red Temple

    Tantra for women and the sacred earth ways

    with Raaji

    • March 21, 2022 - March 24, 2022

    T​he “Red Temple” refers to the nourishing and safe space of sisterhood that is created when women gather, share, expose, and support one another to connect to the unique feminine qualities within. Within the body lies a deep sensual wisdom, an untamed intelligence that enriches one’s spirit, keeps the body healthy and strong, and allows one to blossom from within.

    The more one lives in tune with one’s body’s rhythm, and connects to the rhythms of mother earth the easier it becomes to rest into the present moment and ground within that feminine potential. Dance, movement and sound, ritual work, meditation and tantric exercises will support the group’s journey into a profound reconnection with oneself and life itself.

    Tantra offers new ways to experience sexuality and allow sensual energies to flow freely. When one learns to listen to the inner voice, to one’s needs and healthy boundaries, relaxation happens and one can embrace this life and the essence of love, as it manifests individually and collectively.

    This workshop is an invitation to explore, uncover, enliven, empower, and rest within –  as well as deeply connect to – mother earth, the ultimate manifestation of femininity. It is a call to own and celebrate womanhood, rise out of collective female conditioning and remember the essence of the Feminine, a tender and fiercely loving presence.

    Price: $390

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