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Nayra comes from a dance background.  Having trained in contemporary dance for three years in Zurich, she has been dancing professionally since 2007.
Besides dance, she studied many other movement forms such as yoga, feldenkrais, gaga and contact improvisation. The combination of this diversity of techniques and her devoted exploration within for the last 13 years have taken her all around Europe, Brazil, and India and played an important role in her way of relating to the body and to her surroundings. This approach of feeling, expressing and integrating through the body allowed her to find stillness and trust in deep meditations.

Encountering the inner landscape through movement creates space to look at patterns, open up to new pathways and explore different forms of relating to the body. The ability to feel these diverse qualities the body is carrying such as strength, joy, rhythm, stillness and softness and express them in a safe space is an integral part of Nayra’s work.
Sharing these ways with passion, lightness and clarity is what she loves to do the most.

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