Waterfall of Music

Waterfall of Music

Music Workshop

with Carioca

  • August 14, 2023 - August 23, 2023


“If you have an idea of what is music in a circle, you will have a very positive and effective view of what musical initiation is because true music is one that aims musicians and instruments and voices creating an orchestral sound.”


Carioca has been giving Music Workshops for 25 years. The workshop’s primary focus is music in a group – to learn how to play with others. People with different levels in music are welcome, from beginners to professional musicians, with all sorts of instruments. There is no need for any previous musical experience, as the collective will create the learning. The Music Workshop will cover many aspects of music, harmony, voice, rhythm, and more. The instruments that will take part in this orchestra are voices, caxixis (African shaker), djembe, guitars, samba school percussions, and much more.



Music is a universal language, there is no difference in tongues or rhythms. Music alone translates to each one in a unique way. The Workshop is the best place to find and nurture music in yourself. Music in circle is a prayer that unifies our souls with God. Amen.

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