Joining the Work Exchange Program

    If you are interested in joining the WEX program, please read the information below carefully to fully understand the commitment and cancellation policy.

    The work-exchange program is a way to join the PachaMama community while paying a substantial part of the cost through work.

    People come from all over the world to participate in the program and work in the Wild Treats Bar, the kitchen or other places. It’s an opportunity to participate and integrate into the PachaMama experience, learn new things and be part of an alternative community.

    Understanding the Commitment:

    Leave No Trace:

    • $50 deposit, which will be refunded only if you leave your casita or your camping spot completely trace-free
    • Do not bring any single-use plastic into PachaMama. We avoid using plastic as much as possible
    • No single-use plastic water bottles
    • No any kind of plastic-wrapped products or packaging. We recommend you bring a reusable water bottle with you as every tap in PachaMama is safe to drink from. Also, a cotton shopping bag for all your shopping needs. We also sell these in the Jungle Shop
    • All the skin/hair/tooth care products have to be biodegradable

    Deposit to participate

    If you are accepted into the Work Exchange program we ask for a deposit of $300 which secures your dates (once they are confirmed) and is security on you completing your commitment to the program. Near the end of your stay, you are able to use this deposit on workshops or events and if there is any money left over when you check out at the end of your commitment you will have it refunded to you.

    Work and length of stay commitment:

    • Minimum 2 months stay
    • 25 working hours per week
    • Weekly WEX meeting
    • Weekly Eco class
    • At least 1 Beach or community cleanup during a 2 months stay


    • Osho Hall Silence Sitting – Attend at least 4 times a week


    • An average of 1 workshop (3 days or more) per month. No more than 3 workshops in 2 months.

    WEX Kitchen:

    • Plastic-free WEX kitchen
    • Your personal food items will be stored ONLY in Tupperware, jars, and paper bags

    WEX deposit:

    • You’ll be able to use it within your last 2 weeks or so if we see that you have followed your commitments
    • Leave no trace deposit, will be refunded only after you have left PachaMama, and your accommodation was trace free

    IMPORTANT: In case you choose not to follow your commitment, you will not get your deposits back and the prices of the benefits you’ve already received (workshops and casita discount) will be adjusted to visitor prices.


    Though the program gives discounts on some things you will still have expenses here. How much you will spend in PachaMama depends on your individual needs and your budget, but the work-exchangers have said that they spend around $500 a month on events, ceremonies, food, internet, laundry, transport, chocolate and other life necessities. The cost of workshops and a casita is not included in this $500 a month.



    There are a limited number of casitas for a discounted price depending on the length of your commitment. Once the casitas are rented, work exchangers are asked to camp. If you wish to stay in a casita let us know, as it includes another $200 deposit before it is confirmed.


    Work-exchangers are given camping space for free(camping is only available from November until May, due to weather conditions), you will need to have your own tent and sheets with you. There are no tents here in PachaMama to borrow, rent or receive from people who are leaving.

    N.B. From the 1st May, no camping is allowed as normally the rains start and it isn’t possible to camp then so everyone must stay in a casita.


    A big part of commune life involves workshops and events in which most people take part during their visit.
    As a work-exchanger, you are required to take part in two workshops every 2 months and it must be a minimum of 3 days (ceremonies are considered an event, not a workshop). One of them must be a therapy workshop.
    Please consider that there will be additional costs for your workshops or events/ceremonies, while you stay here. For prices and options, you can check the program here: yearly schedule

    For any of the Trainings (Yoga Teacher Training, Clarity Breathwork, Master Yang) they are not included in the regular group discount, for these, there is only a 10% discount and depending on the length of the group you may need to pay for your accommodation and food as a visitor.

    Arriving at PachaMama

    If you are staying in a casita you should arrive by 3 pm but no later than 5 pm as you need to arrive in the light so you may orientate yourself to PachaMama.

    If you are camping you must arrive by 3 pm. If you arrive too late to set up your tent you will be charged for the accommodation you are put in for that night.

    WEX program deposit cancellation policy:

    If you cancel your participation in the WEX program
    1. More than 60 days before the start
    – 20% cancellation fee, the remaining amount (minus a cancellation fee) will be refunded to the credit card you paid with
    2. Within the 31 – 60 days
    – 20% cancellation fee, the remaining amount (minus a cancellation fee) will be kept as a credit on your account for the future, to be used in PachaMama, valid for the next 2 years
    3. Within 15 – 30 days
    – 50% cancellation fee, the remaining amount (minus a cancellation fee) will be kept as a credit on your account for the future, to be used in PachaMama, valid for the next  2 years
    4. Within the 14 days before the program starts, after you join the program, and/or if you decide to leave earlier than the agreed commitment
    – there is no refund and no credit given


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