Visiting Families & Children

Visiting children of all ages and their families are warmly welcomed every year in PachaMama. The village is well-equipped to accommodate families, and resident children are always eager to make new friends. Children are an integral part of the PachaMama Community, and have been from its inception.

Families & Children

PachaMama offers children the opportunity to be immersed in nature, explore the forest, and tune into its magical rhythm.

Jungle School

Jungle School

Nestled in the lush jungle at PachaMama Eco Village, the Jungle School’s mission is to hold a loving space that favors the development of children as whole and responsible beings with awareness of themselves, a strong sense of community, great respect towards nature and a love for all life. It is a place where children develop their unique potential, innate curiosity and creativity.  

The school has resident children attending regular classes and opens a number of spaces for visiting children. If you are interested in participating in the visiting kids program, please follow this link where you can find further detailed information. In order to enroll, please contact the school directly


What should I pack for my family?

What should I pack for my family?

Clothes: The weather in PachaMama is usually warm year-round. Make sure you pack lots of light, short clothes, as well as a few warmer options for the occasional chilly evening. For visits to the river or beach, swimwear and a lungi (sarong). Flip-flops or sandals are the most practical choice. Rubber boots are recommended during the rainy season (May-November).

It is advisable to also bring one or more sets of white clothes.

Diapers: Parents of diaper-wearing children, please bring eco-friendly, biodegradable diapers or cloth diapers. 

Parents are encouraged to bring books, games, and whatever their children like to play with when home.

Mosquito repellent and biodegradable hygiene products can be bought in the village shop, as well as in the nearby villages.

Families who join the school’s visiting kids program must get a local SIM card to remain reachable at all times, please contact us for recommendations. 

Families also benefit greatly from renting a car, being able to come and to go to the beach, play dates, and have transport in case of emergency.

PachaMama is an eco-community, aspiring to minimize its impact on the environment as much as possible. Please be mindful of this while you pack and plan your trip.

What options are available for food and meals for families?

What options are available for food and meals for families?

The school serves yummy, vegetarian meals (a snack and lunch) that are simplified to meet all the children’s tastes.

Verde Restaurant serves three meals a day, with a buffet-style service. All food is vegetarian (with many vegan options), organic, and prepared fresh.

Wild Treats is a raw bar also located in the village center and serves juices, smoothies, chocolates, light meals, and more.

The Jungle Shop carries organic fruits and vegetables, dry goods, hygiene products, and more. Many items are created by members of the village.

The larger family accommodations have a kitchen.

What does daily life for families in PachaMama look like?

What does daily life for families in PachaMama look like?

Kids spend their mornings in school. When the day is over, they like to the village center to have a vegan ice cream and play together. The local kids are happy to have playdates and some of them participate in after-school activities like soccer, tennis, and other fun lessons.

The Village has two small playgrounds: one located in the village center (downtown) and one located at the school. During the weekends the kids are part of all the events that are happening in PachaMama and usually also spend some time at the beach–which is about 15 minutes drive from PachaMama–or at the river, which is within the village.

Family Accommodations

Family Accommodations

Drawing from extensive experience and valuable feedback, the Jungle School highly recommends renting a house that includes essential amenities such as a kitchen and a private toilet, as well as sufficient space for your child.

It’s important to note that open-air housing options may not be the most suitable choice, especially when you have young children to consider.

Long-term rental rates can be negotiated once specific dates are established.

For a comprehensive overview of all available accommodation options, including their respective prices, please visit our accommodations page.


Application Form

Application Form

To come as a visitor we ask for a minimum stay of 10 days so that a true taste of PachaMama can be experienced. Alternatively, a shorter stay of a minimum of 5 days is possible if you join a Workshop or Retreat. Please plan to arrive a day before the workshop starts.

No pets are allowed due to safety concerns, thank you for understanding.

PachaMama is not considered to be an accessibility-friendly site. The terrain is rugged with uneven trails that may have loose dirt, rocks, tree roots, and can be slippery when wet. If you anticipate difficulty navigating our property, kindly contact us with your concerns.

No Waste Policy. Refrain from bringing tetra packs, plastic bags, straws, water bottles, wraps, foil, cans, and non-biodegradable hygiene products. The Jungle Shop provides eco-friendly alternatives for your food and hygiene needs.

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Academics for visiting kids

Long-term visiting children can enroll into the school’s academic program.

Should my children be vaccinated for anything before traveling to PachaMama?

Please consult your children’s physician for advice on vaccinations specific to Central America.

Where is the closest doctor in case we need one?

In Nosara (35 minutes drive from PachaMama) there is a clinic.

Do I need to rent a car for my stay in PachaMama?

It is highly recommended to rent a car or ATV while in PachaMama. Since it is nestled on a hillside, the village isn’t easy to get around by foot with kids in tow.

Would we be able to find a babysitter if we need one?

There is not an official babysitting service in PachaMama, but there are usually trustworthy nice people that are happy to watch kids for extra money.

For more information on life in the school, please contact the Jungle School directly.

More questions about life in the PachaMama Village?

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