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    School Vision


    The Jungle School at PachaMama Eco Village sees education as a lifelong journey and aspires to awaken and deepen the thirst for learning in each child. The children are guided to become compassionate and conscious members of society.

    By employing different educational pedagogies and learning theories, such as inquiry-based and experiential learning, the students develop critical thinking skills, emotional and social intelligence, and a deep connection to nature and the world around them.


    The curriculum of the school is inspired by Waldorf principles, which enable students to engage the full range of their faculties at every stage of development. The kids learn the core studies of math and literacy. Meaningful learning is created through colors and forms, tone, drama and speech, movement, mindfulness, and meditation.

    Students also explore and connect with nature by engaging in forest/eco-education, and by practicing gardening and recycling.


    Visiting children between 2yo and 11yo and their families are welcomed every year in PachaMama. The Village is fit to accommodate a family’s needs, offering children the opportunity to be immersed in nature, explore the forest, and tune into its magical rhythm. Children are an integral part of the PachaMama Community and resident children are always happy to make new friends!


    The program includes fresh organic vegetarian snacks and lunch. Visiting children join in the full-time program in which they have different activities like arts and crafts, story-time, nature walks, outdoor activities, and more. The program is kept in the spirit of the community: simplicity, ecology, and harmony with nature.

    The main language is English, and Spanish is taught as a second language.

    School Overview

    School Hours

    Mon-Fri 8am-2pm (Grades) and from 8am-1pm (Kindergarten).

    Age Groups:

    The jungle school is divided into three main groups: 

    • Pre-K program: 24-36 months*
    • Kindergarten: 3-6yo 
    • Grade School: 7-11yo

    *We consider toddlers of 24-36 months for our Pre-K program. However, we also recognize not all toddlers are ready for a school environment. Depending on the specific needs of the child, they may still require one-on-one love and attention that we feel is best provided by the parents. 

    With this in mind, we offer a one-month trial period for children of this age group, to see if your child is ready for this environment. At the end of the trial, we will together evaluate what would be the most appropriate path for your child.


    • 3 months minimum enrollment for Pre-K and kindergarten.
    • 1-month minimum enrollment for grades.
    • Children who have previously visited the school can also enroll for shorter periods of time.
    • Speaks English or Spanish Fluently 
    • Is potty independent

    Visiting Kids Program

    Visiting Kids are welcome at PachaMama – Please visit the Visiting Kids page for tips on what to pack, and how to prepare for a stay with children in the community.

    For more information, click here.


    Variety of accommodation options for different budgets: Family Accommodation

    For general questions, please contact the Jungle School

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