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    School Vision

    The Jungle School at PachaMama’s Eco-Community sees education as a lifelong journey, and aspires to awaken and deepen the thirst for learning in each and every child. The children are guided on their way to becoming compassionate and conscious members of society.

    By employing different educational pedagogies and learning theories, such as inquiry-based and experiential learning, the students develop critical thinking skills, emotional and social intelligence, and a deep connection to nature and the world around them.

    The curriculum of the school is inspired by Waldorf principles, which enable students to engage the full range of their faculties at every stage of development. The kids learn the core studies of math and literacy. Meaningful learning is created through colors and forms, tone, drama and speech, movement, mindfulness, and meditation.

    Students also explore and connect with nature by engaging in forest/eco education, and by practicing gardening and recycling.

    The Jungle School is a micro-community that encourages the practice of social skills and collaboration. Together with that, every student is seen as a unique whole and  specific academic and emotional needs are addressed with individual support.

    The PachaMama School is supported by professional and qualified community residents’ and parents’ ongoing cooperation and trust.

    Kids from the wider community (who live in other places in the area) are invited to join!

    School Overview

    The main language is English, and Spanish is taught as a second language.

    School Hours

    Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

    Age Group:
    The jungle school is divided to two main groups: the Kindergarten (ages 2-6), and the School (ages 7-13)

    A one-year minimum stay is required.
    Children visiting for shorter periods can enroll in the Visiting Kids Program for visiting children, available daily, weekly, or monthly.

    Visiting Kids Program

    Visiting Kids are welcome at PachaMama – Please visit the Visiting Kids page for tips on what to pack, and how to prepare for a stay with children in the community.

    For more information, click here.


    Family Accommodation: Double Casitas, Bungalows, and Villas offer families a variety of accommodation options for different budgets.

    The Jungle Shop provides fresh organic produce, dry goods, personal care, and natural remedies.

    For general questions, please contact the Jungle School

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