Visiting Children

Visiting Children

visiting children waldorf school PachaMama Costa Ricavisiting children waldorf school PachaMama Costa Rica


Visiting Children of all ages and their families are welcomed every year in PachaMama. The Village is fitted to accommodate a family’s needs and resident children are always happy to make new friends.

Children are an integral part of PachaMama’s Community and have been so almost from its inception. The population of children is ever-growing and currently stands at 25, with more on the way. The communal environment is naturally supportive of their growth, learning and experience of life.



PachaMama offers children the opportunity to be immersed in nature, explore the forest and tune into its magical rhythm.

The Village has two playgrounds- one located in the Village Center (Downtown) and one located in the school. The schoolyard and playground may be used freely outside of school hours.

Visiting kids may enroll in PachaMama’s Waldorf-inspired School, Kindergarten and Forest Class depending on the length of their stay.


Family Accommodation: Double Casitas, Bungalows and Villas offer families a variety of accommodation options for different budgets.
The Jungle Shop provides fresh organic produce, dry goods, personal care and natural remedies.


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