Short/Long Term Stay : Work Exchange Program

The Work Exchange Program is an opportunity to experience PachaMama and become an integral part of the community through service. It allows the participants of the program to cover a substantial part of their expenses through work while still keeping transformation as their main focus.

The minimum stay required for participation in this program is two months, and can be extended to six months or a full year. Work Exchangers in PachaMama enjoy a good work/life balance, allowing them to devote time to meditation and personal growth as well as participate in workshops and community events. Depending on the different branches of work, opportunities may be available to learn vocational skills such as gardening, carpentry, and cooking.

The Work Exchange program affords one the chance to meet and connect with likeminded travelers from around the world, melt into the ways of PachaMama and become a part of the tribe. Each Work Exchanger’s contribution is honored and their commitment to the community is greatly appreciated.

Important Notes

Important Notes

Participation in the PachaMama Work Exchange program entails a responsibility and commitment to adhere to the community’s ecological guidelines and support its efforts at sustainability.

This means not bringing outside packaging, including: tetra packs, plastic bags, straws, plastic water bottles, plastic wraps, aluminum foil, metal cans, one-time-use items and non-biodegradable hygiene products (shampoo, conditioner, soaps), etc.

The village’s Jungle Shop sells food and hygiene products which are safe for the earth and this ecosystem – biodegradable and free from harmful, disposable packaging.

In addition, PachaMama is a vegetarian community, and does not allow meat or fish products to be brought in from outside, including canned or dried items.

What's Included?

What's Included?

• Discounted Accommodation – depending on the length of stay, casitas are offered at a significant discount in exchange for service
• Lunch (weekdays), Dinner (7 days) – a simple meal of fresh made local cuisine and organic salad are served for lunch, and a nourishing soup for dinner
• Daily Yoga & Movement Classes – free morning classes are available in mornings and some afternoons
• Daily Meditation – the community meets for Silent Sitting 7 nights a week in the Osho Hall to collect and cleanse the energy, and to meet stillness; once a week, a Sharing Circle takes the place of Silent Sitting, to check in with one another and share in a receptive space
• Weekly Satsang – once a week, Tyohar addresses the community to receive questions and share insights about the spiritual path



• The minimum commitment is two months (this includes the time spent in two workshops)
• Work week consists of 25 working hours a week
• Work Exchangers are expected to attend four evening meditations (daily Silent Sittings) per week
• Work Exchangers are expected to participate in at least two workshops or groups, one of which is required to be an emotional healing workshop, i.e. Freedom from the PastGrowing in LoveWisdom of Breath etc.
Health insurance is required



Discounts on accommodation, food, workshops, and events

Duration Camping Casita1 Food2 Workshops3 Events
2 Months Free $10–$12
  • Free Lunch Monday-Friday
  • Free Dinner every day
  • 20% discount in restaurant
40% Discount on 2 Workshops 15% Discount
3-5 Months Free $7–$9 40% Discount on 3 Workshops 15% Discount
6+ Months Free $7–$9 40% Discount on all workshops 25% Discount

*Due to weather conditions, camping is unavailable from May 1st to November 1st.

Additional Details

Accommodation prices vary according to the season.
High season: November – May, July – Sept
Low season: May – June

Lunches Monday – Friday in the Work Exchange Kitchen and dinner every night at Verde Restaurant. Lunches are a simple meal and dinner is a light meal consisting of soup and rice.
Additional meals can be purchased at a 20% discount in the organic, vegetarian restaurant. 
Work Exchangers will also have access to a refrigerator in the Work Exchange Kitchen where they can store the food they purchase for any additional meals.

All groups and workshops except Clarity Breathwork, Yoga Teacher Training, Calligraphy Yoga, and the Transformation Cycle.
A 10% discount may apply for said groups and workshops, subject to availability. 
For the time of participation in the YTT, Transformation Cycle, or Clarity Breathwork the participant’s status will pass from Work Exchange to Visitor and the above-mentioned benefits will not apply.

Work Exchangers also enjoy free daily classes and activities such as meditations, yoga, dance, tai chi, and pilates.

Work Exchange options include working at Verde Restaurant, the Wild Treats Juice and Dessert Bar, the Cleanse Retreat and the Eco Department.  Work will be designated according to one’s interests and skills, in consideration of the community’s needs and available positions.

If you are interested in participating in this program, you can request your application using the form below, or email

Long term Work Exchangers are needed in various departments. Please contact us for more information.


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