Musical Journeys

    The Musical Journeys are an opportunity to travel on the wings of sound to pray, sing, dance, and heal within a temple in the forest. Whether celebrating timeless masterpieces of Rock n’ Roll down by the river or coming together in the Osho Hall to pray and sing around the crystal altar, each Musical Journey is a unique possibility to experience the medicine of divine vibration
    within the embrace of a loving community.

    Rock Odyssey

    Rock Odyssey

    Traveling on the golden era of rock ‘n roll that came into flowering in the 60’s time of peace, love and rock n’ roll through incredible progressive contemporary pieces, DJ Tyohar creates an eclectic mix of songs, many of which will be heard for the first time.  Musical masterpieces to be cherished and enjoyed in the magical forest setting by the river. Some may be carried away by the music in a meditative journey of stillness while others dance around the fire and gaze into its flames. The journey unites young and old in the community and lifts all beyond space and time to a celebratory pulse experiencing this music the way it was meant to be listened to.


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