Art of Yoga

Art of Yoga

Three-day Yoga Intensive

with Nadi

  • April 5, 2018 - April 7, 2018

This three-day intensive dive into the fine Art of Yoga explores the cultivation of grace and ease while deepening the yoga practice.  As part of the Transformation Cycle, the group brings important aspects of physical rejuvenation into the five-week process.

Yoga raises awareness in daily life. It is a clear mirror reflecting the way one inhabits the space within. By shedding layers of contraction, the simplicity of the moment can be embraced. Woven with gentle guided meditations and free dance, the workshop is guided by inspiration from the four elements – beginning with Earth and Fire to cultivate Tapas and grounding, concluding with Air and Water influenced practices to allow prana to flow freely.  The mornings consist of a strong yang practice to invite fire, detoxification and strengthening of the body. The afternoon practice complements the active yang practice, giving the gift of melting and softening into a relaxed, restorative practice supported by props.

This group is part of the March/April Transformation Cycle. For more information click here


Price: $255

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