Moving with Nature

Moving with Nature

Exploring the elements through yoga, dance, and ritual

with Nadi

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Earth, water, fire, air, space
The elements of nature are all around, guiding our life journey…
Walking on the sacred earth, drinking pure water, receiving a warm kiss from the sun, taking a deep breathe, being alive.

The embodiment of the elements in the yoga practice reminds of our true nature.

When paying attention, one can witness each breath as a beautiful expression of nature.
When fully present one can witness each element that lives within.

The elements serve as a map where we can get to know ourselves better. Through an integrative blend of Hatha Yoga, meditation, free dance, and pranayama exercises, the group will tap into the energies of each element to reconnect to the simplicity and beauty that surround us. Remembering this connection on the mat can serve as a guide to walk the path of life with integrity and wisdom, honoring oneself as equal to nature.

This is yoga, the union between mind, body, spirit with the universe, with Mother Earth.

The group takes place over 5 mornings from 9am to 12.30pm.


Details $US
5 Mornings $ 350


The workshop Moving with Nature made me love and understand the beauty that surrounds us even more. I loved Nadi’s transmission of her beautiful energy, knowledge, and tips. It truly brought me back in contact with my body, mind, and soul.

Jissy dagraed- Belgium

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