with Natalia Contesse, Orchestra of the Continents Leader

  • April 2, 2024 -

Join in for a transformative journey into the elemental beauty of water through song and creation. Led by the renowned composer, esthete, and researcher Natalia Contesse, this workshop is designed to awaken and deepen your connection with the essence of water.

Workshop Intentions:

Awaken Connection: Immerse in the fluidity of water by diving into its symbolic and spiritual significance.



Artistic Expression: Cultivate and inspire the creation of Altar Art, infusing it with the emotive power of song. Explore the aesthetic journey of blending visual art with musical expression.


Vocal Mastery: Gain invaluable insights into vocal technique as Natalia shares her expertise in breath control, resonance, relaxation, and articulation. Learn how to harness the power of your voice to convey the essence of water through song.

Creative Endeavor: Foster a poetic language that enhances both individual and collective creativity, weaving together the threads of inspiration to compose a harmonious Ode to Water.

Tools for Composition:

  • Discover the art of crafting lyrical poetry with rhymes, syllabic structure, and stylistic elements.
  • Explore Latin American motifs and rhythms, unlocking the melodic potential inherent in the rich cultural tapestry of the region.

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to immerse in the timeless beauty of water, nurturing creativity and enriching the soul.

Starts @9am

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