Witnessing, Presence, Awareness

    with Ananda

    • December 21, 2021 - December 24, 2021

    An all-embracing awareness arises from within and takes over when one sits silently and does nothing; no effort, no choice, no doing – just being.  Vipassana Meditation is a precious time to simply sit and  shift the attention from the world to one’s inner nature – awareness. Vipassana is not  ‘doing,’ it is allowing. Quieting the mind allows one’s silent nature to surface. The result is resting into an awakened silence.

    As a device to observe the mind, the attention is shifted to the flow of one’s breath. If a distraction occurs, it is observed, not pushed away – only to return to the underlying stillness. There is no need to ‘do’ anything. the watching is not an activity- Vipassana is merely connecting to this ever-present quality of awareness. The work is the intention and the stillness. The rest happens on its own.


    Details $US
    Vipassana $330
    Early Bird Vipassana (until 7 days before) $300
    Vipassana & Silent Retreat $550
    Early Bird Vipassana & Silent Retreat (until 7 days before the Vipassana) $520

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