PachaMama is an alternative community in Costa Rica and a unique melting point of diverse personal and cultural Communitybackgrounds. At once an experimental village, a spiritual commune, and a center of transformation. It has matured over the years into a stable and well-organized intentional community. It is conceived by Tyohar, who is both the founder and spiritual guide here and built by the individuals and families who live and work here.community1

What unites the village is the shared journey in awareness. It is a meeting beyond personalities and ideas. Living and being in the commune is to look into the mirror of ones true self, through togetherness and aloneness, in silence and celebration. PachaMama grew from very humble beginnings into a comfortable place with all practical facilities to provide a good standard of living that embraces the conveniences of modern life. Simultaneously it aims at becoming a self-sufficient eco community with ambitious garden- and permaculture projects.

It is the permanent home to around seventy residents. Most have built houses, many families have sprouted and a lot of children have been born here, always with more on the way. PachaMama has both a school and a kindergarten to service the new generation, see more here …

CommunityPachaMama is a homecoming inside, for each individual and family, an open exploration of truly living in the present.
It is organized both as a commune for the residents who have made it their home and as a nonprofit center of transformation that offer groups and workshops to hundreds of visitors. All income is reinvested to support the growth of the village and working residents.

The village constantly evolves and explores new angles of healthy, spiritual sustainable living, always with a wild and alternative flavor. In all its beauty and imperfection PachaMama is firmly rooted in the simplicity of being here and now.
PachaMama is unique among communities in Costa Rica. Here each one can live authentically, close to nature, supported by cycles of celebration, silence and meditation. The reality of being at home is not just the house or the school. PachaMama is a homecoming inside, for each individual and family, an open exploration of truly living in the present.

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